January 4, 2010


So I NEVER blog about football, but there are some things I just need to say. I am so incredibly sad that my beloved Steelers missed the playoffs this close. It's incredibly disappointing, because they happened to beat the Cardinals last year and win the Super Bowl. So that is the reason for my sadness this morning.

They missed the playoffs, but not for lack of trying. Big Ben threw 3 TDs and played through a shoulder/arm/unclear injury...what a stud! They won the game, barely...but still missed. It's quite sad. But I must say, I am still Big Ben's biggest fan. I am and will ALWAYS be a Steelers fan, even if they miss the playoffs for years (how many, though, will be the question).

I guess my team for the playoffs will be the Packers, my second favorite team. They KILLED Arizona yesterday! What a fantastic game that was. So hopefully they can beat them again next week and keep going in the I have a team to cheer for. How fantastic would that be if they got a Super Bowl now, without Judas Favre? I smile just thinking about it. I saw a guy at the game yesterday with a Favre jersey, only the 4 was crossed out, and on the back "Judas" was written right before Favre. I guess I'm not the only one who favors calling him Judas Favre. Since that's practically what he is.


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