January 20, 2010

Life... a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get.

I have been doing really well this week, with school and everything. Until I was in the gym today. A guy walked in after I had started my workout, and turned the TV on. To NCIS. This sounds stupid, but I have always thought it was a dumb show. But during Christmas break, I watched the reruns almost every night with my family. So when I saw the show tonight, I started crying! I'm still really happy, and I am starting to love it here, but I wish I could get more hugs. Sometimes I just want a hug from mom. I miss being at home, watching Glenn Beck every afternoon with my grandma, making cookies or brownies on Sunday after church...I miss it.

On a happier note, life is going really well right now. School is INSANE, and I am always doing homework. But I'm spending lots of time this semester with friends, and out of my dorm. And planning the apartment for next year is so much fun. I can't wait to be with all my friends, and have what feels like a home. It will be so nice to cook dinner, to watch general conference just be family away from our families. It is so fun to think about. And....a follow-up from my last post. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Only I didn't have to do anything. Which was a nice change. So I know his name, he has my cell number, and we're going to lunch on Saturday.    :D

And Supernatural is new tomorrow! It's finally back. And we might have a snow day. My fingers are crossed. I am so loving this snow.


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