April 19, 2012

Oh Thursdays....

I don't know if I'm the only one...

But Thursdays are really long. Like dreadfully lengthy. I'm done with classes at 3:30.... and that leaves the rest of the day. The whole  l   o   n   g  day.

How to Occupy Yourself When You're Crazy Bored and Thinking of Someone You Won't Be Able to See for Weeks:

~This man holds the key to my heart. Yep. Him.

~Or this man. Sometimes I can't decide. And as if all of his general cuteness or this wasn't enough to put you on Team Peeta, this should be enough.

~I'm quite positive that I could not be any more excited for this movie. If I needed another reason to go see Anthony Hopkins play Alfred Hitchcock, the movie also stars Kurtwood Smith and Toni Collette. I'm in.

~Speaking of Hitchcock, I love Jimmy Stewart. (It's not that random of a connection--Rear Window anyone?). Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is truly one of the greatest movies. And I have an idea--we should require our Representatives and Senators (and the President and the Supreme Court too, just to be safe) to watch this clip every morning before "work." Our country just might be a better place to live--a place of freedom and liberty, a place that protects and fights for the lost causes, a place that loves its neighbors. Watch the movie. Plus, he says "crick" instead of "creek." Love him even more.

~New Parks & Rec tonight! Finally a new episode. My life just hasn't been the same since hiatus. Oh, how I love Amy Poehler and want to be just like her. (And marry a husband as simultaneously sexy and hilarious as the one she's got. But that's beside the point). Amy Poehler is a strong, funny, intelligent woman, just like the character she plays on the show. Love her! (Also, back on the husband note, if I can't have a man like Will Arnett, I'll take one like Phil Dunphy).


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