November 2, 2009

Following Lakshmi's Example.....

So Lakshmi did this, and I thought it was quite entertaining. So here's my list of:

20 People I'd Marry In Half A Second
(note: this is in no particular order, except for #1)

  1. Aaron Rodgers - This man has the most perfect arms of any human being on the planet. And he looks mighty fine in football pants. And he has gorgeous eyes.
  2. Ewan McGregor - I have to agree with Lakshmi on this one.
  3. John Krasinski - The closest thing to Jim, the perfect man.
  4. Dermot Mulroney - Here's another movie: The Wedding Date. Yes, sir. I'd pay that man my entire savings.
  5. Hugh Grant - Yes, I realize he's just a year younger than my mom. But WOW.
  6. Colin Firth - I don't know why, but I seem to have quite a "thing" for distinguished, handsome, but hilarious British men.
  7. Tony Blair - Again, yes, I know he's old. But something about him...
  8. James Marsden - Another one I agree with Lakshmi...poor guy always gets passed over. :(
  9. Chris Meloni - Maybe it's the whole cop/protecting people thing. And he's just hot.
  10. Matthew Macfadyen - Mr. Darcy? I think yes.
  11. Matthew Perry - Because what's better than a man who can make you laugh and look cute while he's at it?
  12. John Corbett - He had me at "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
  13. Matthew Morrison - Will Schuester on Glee. Need I say more?
  14. Jensen Ackles - Supernatural cutie.
  15. Jared Padalecki - Supernatural cutie #2.
  16. Gerard Butler - The Phantom AND cute guy from "The Ugly Truth?" Say it ain't so!
  17. Dougray Scott - Handsome in "Ever After", but very attractive on "Desperate Housewives."
  18. AJ McLean - The best looking Backstreet Boy.
  19. Jesse McCartney - Not sure why, but he is one attractive guy.
  20. Derek Jeter - It's just too bad he's a Yankee.


Lakshmi said...

I approve, whole-heartedly. :D FYI.

I can't believe I forgot Matthew Morrison, Mr. Darcy, and HOLY CRAP I FORGOT DERMOT MULRONEY.

I'm Lindsey. . . said...

HAHAHAHA! This is such a Liv post!!! I can totally hear your voice in my head. :)

Michelle Oh said...

hahahahaha... number 19...

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