October 17, 2009

Welcome to the Farm

Today I realized how much I want to be like my mom. I came home yesterday to a house full of Halloween and fall decorations, which I'm sure immediately went up the first week of October, if not before. There should be no question in one's mind what season it is, even what month it is, when they come into our house. Of course it's classy, and pretty. Not gaudy and overdone. It's comfortable. And that's something I've always noticed about our house. It's a home. I hope I can create a comfortable, loving atmosphere for my family just as my mom has for us. Of course there's many other reasons I want to be like her--she's patient, loving, kind...I could go on and on. But that's what hit me today.

It is such a nice feeling to be home. It's nice to change the pace...this last week was crazy. It's wonderful to spend time with everyone, and eat Mexican food. I'm so excited to eat Mexican food tonight. I really miss that up in Flagstaff. The only Mexican food is the fake Chipotle we have in our union, which happened to make Ashton and I extremely sick.


Michelle Oh said...

haha... OOOH! lovin' your new background! you're such an "all-American" girl! if they had an "all-American" barbie, you'd be it! :P

but there is NO doubt about you becoming the best mommy ever. can't wait to see your adorable babies! :)

Tyler and Allie said...

it's a hemming girl thing.

my mother is the same way.

and we'll be amazing mothers too! and live on huge ranches that are across the street from each other (ha) with our cowboy husbands. and be rich and happy. amen.

love you.

ps- so glad you have a blog. :]

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