February 5, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

It's our annual trip to Las Vegas! It's always the weekend of my birthday, and although it frustrates me that I don't get to see my mom much for my birthday, I had tons of fun in Vegas this year.

We got to see "Phantom of the Opera"!!! I have been waiting my whole life to finally see it. It was SO fantastic. 

The day before my birthday, my friends and I went to the Union for a birthday dinner. Here's the birthday cake, with the "candle". I have the best friends ever.

And my darling brother bought me ROSES. He's so wonderful.

I had a fantastic birthday. It went by way too fast, and it kind of freaked me out. I spent the night of my birthday in tears, for some weird reason. I just realized it's never going to be the same. Everything's changing now. And while it's a good thing, it's still kind of sad. I miss the way everything used to be. And I'm excited to be on my own--I have a great future ahead of me and I have my own life, and soon I can have my own family and create traditions with them. But it's a huge adjustment. I just want to have real food for dinner every night, watch Glenn Beck with my grandma every afternoon, cuddle with my dog, and see my mom when she gets home from work.


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Happy Birthday !

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