February 28, 2010

Today was one of those days........where you just don't really want to pay attention. When three hours of church feels kind of like a nuisance. I've been doing really well up here in Flag, and I love my ward, but for some reason I just kind of felt off today. But I had an epiphany or something today...about how wonderful the priesthood is. And how important it is for me to marry in the temple, because I want my children to have the good example of a righteous priesthood holder that I didn't have until just a few years ago. It's been so wonderful to finally see that in my family...a few days before I left for college I got a priesthood blessing from my stepdad. And it was so wonderful. And I want my children to have those all the time, their whole lives, not just finally before college. It was just so cool today to see all these guys, these worthy priesthood holders. It reminded me that there are good guys in the world. And I'll take that reminder anywhere I can get it. 


I'm Lindsey. . . said...

Amen to that. :)

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