December 24, 2009

Major Problem and Correction: Josh Groban

Lakshmi, my favorite person and best friend, brought this to my attention last night. Someone very very important is missing from my list of "20 People I'd Marry In Half A Second". JOSH GROBAN! Eek. So here's the revised list...

20 People I'd Marry In Half A Second(note: this is in no particular order, except for #1 and #2)
  1. Aaron Rodgers - This man has the most perfect arms of any human being on the planet. And he looks mighty fine in football pants. And he has gorgeous eyes.
  2. Josh Groban - This is the right spot for glad I added him. I feel better about this list already.
  3. Ewan McGregor - I have to agree with Lakshmi on this one.
  4. John Krasinski - The closest thing to Jim, the perfect man.
  5. Dermot Mulroney - Here's another movie: The Wedding Date. Yes, sir. I'd pay that man my entire savings.
  6. Hugh Grant - Yes, I realize he's just a year younger than my mom. But WOW.
  7. Colin Firth - I don't know why, but I seem to have quite a "thing" for distinguished, handsome, but hilarious British men.
  8. Tony Blair - Again, yes, I know he's old. But something about him...
  9. James Marsden - Another one I agree with Lakshmi...poor guy always gets passed over. :(
  10. Chris Meloni - Maybe it's the whole cop/protecting people thing. And he's just hot.
  11. Matthew Macfadyen - Mr. Darcy? I think yes.
  12. Matthew Perry - Because what's better than a man who can make you laugh and look cute while he's at it?
  13. John Corbett - He had me at "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".
  14. Jensen Ackles - Supernatural cutie.
  15. Jared Padalecki - Supernatural cutie #2.
  16. Gerard Butler - The Phantom AND cute guy from "The Ugly Truth?" Say it ain't so!
  17. Dougray Scott - Handsome in "Ever After", but very attractive on "Desperate Housewives."
  18. AJ McLean - The best looking Backstreet Boy.
  19. Jesse McCartney - Not sure why, but he is one attractive guy.
  20. Derek Jeter - It's just too bad he's a Yankee.


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