December 24, 2009

Julie & Julia

So this movie is truly amazing. I have watched it over and over since we rented it. And I need to buy it. There are some very important things in it. If Julie Powell hadn't already come up with the idea, I think it would be so much fun to try to do what she did. Julia Child was an amazing woman who was optimistic even when her life was not so exciting, even when she had to move from her beloved Paris. Having been to Paris once, I can say with perfect certainty that had I lived there for years, I would be much more upset and bitter about having to leave than she was. I need to be more like her, and find happiness in my life the way it is right now, not sitting, waiting, and wishing my life away. Even though I'd still like to leave NAU, move to Denver, and go to culinary school.


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