October 31, 2011

Operation New Girl

Commencing November 1, 2011

Confession time here. The past few months have been bad. Really bad. 

This summer changed me. Not in a good way.
But tomorrow's November. And I'm changing a few things. Here they are:

  1. Start a consistent exercise program. Two things. I feel so much better when I am able to take the time to work out and to relieve a little stress. Also, I graduate in 13 months. I would love to be able to climb Humphreys, the highest mountain in Arizona, by the time I graduate. What better motivation, besides self-improvement, than to be able to say I climbed Humphreys? So I'm working out six days a week in a rotation, 2 days gym, 1 day yoga, rinse and repeat.  :) I'm going to take Sundays off. 
  2. Eat healthy. I would love to say "stop eating" but I know I would get in trouble for that. Honestly, I eat really healthy as a general rule. I just eat too much. So no more bad sugar (after I finish this lollipop) and no more bad carbs. It's on.
  3. Stop spending. The next few months will constitute a self-imposed spending freeze. Obviously there are necessities like food and shampoo, and Christmas gifts coming soon, but I am not allowing myself to buy anything unnecessary. I really need to get some finances in order.
  4. Get over it. Yes, he broke my heart. Sometimes I still feel like I'm all tied up in knots. Sometimes I'm still not sure I can take it. But I'm through talking about it. 

Yes, there are a few smaller goals (weight loss, feeling healthier, climbing Humphreys). But the overall goal? Be a better person than I was before. Before him.

I won't let this beat me.


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