January 3, 2011

how delightful

Top 10 magical, delightful, and glorious Events of 2010

10. I passed Pre-Calculus with a B. It's a wonder. But it would be more surprising if I hadn't worked so hard.
9. Music! I saw G. Love and Special Sauce, Jack Johnson, Love & Theft, Luke Bryan, and Keith Urban all in concert.
8. Cardinals vs. Packers game. January 3, 2010.
7. Though it almost killed me, I spent the summer working as an HR intern at FVI. It was my first job, and my first full-time job too. Besides the resume experience, I came into my own. I gained more confidence in myself and my abilities.
6. I aced, and I mean aced my PR class and realized fully that Public Relations is the perfect major for me.
5. Dean's List 3 semesters in a row!
4. The first birthday of Mr. Westley Jackson Colegrove, the most fantastic and handsome nephew to ever grace the world.
3. My first apartment! I love being on my own.
2. The birth of Ava Reagan Jones (my favorite girl in the world, second only to her mother), followed closely by Stedson Jess and Treydon Jay Romrell. Miracle babies. They're perfect and gorgeous and healthy.
1. The baptism of my brother. Prayers, gratitude, and plenty of tears.


Sarah said...

I love all of these! :)
And I love the new outfit your blog put on!!
and...most of all...

Tyler and Allie said...

ohhh...i love you. and miss ava does too.
are you sure you don't want to move in with us?

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