March 25, 2010

Living Full Out

I absolutely love i am that girl. It's a company that works to empower women, and they have a blog that I love to check out.

read here:  i am that girl

Today's post was by the founder, Alexis Jones, and it really got me thinking. I love this:
          "We have just one lifetime to make it count, to write our own greatest adventure novel, to chase down our wildest dreams, to surround ourselves with truly phenomenal people, to love with reckless abandon and to live with enthusiasm and passion, all while reveling in a state of endless possibility. One. Life. Just one hand with all the chips on the table."

When it comes to my friends and family, there is absolutely nothing I would not do. Nothing matters more than relationships. And I have truly wonderful friends. But as far as the rest of it...reckless abandon is not something I have ever experienced, even on my craziest days, and especially with love. And while I have been trying my hardest, I definitely can't say that I live with "enthusiasm and passion" all the time. But I guess I need to. What better way to make the most of this one life we have to live? Nothing is worse than those pesky "what if?" thoughts. And who wants to live with regrets? Not me, that's for sure. Because I already over-think things. And think about them...for ever...and ever...and ever. So no thanks.

So here's to making the most of life. Enjoying every second. Smiling, laughing. Loving. And trying "reckless abandon" on for size.


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