November 7, 2010


So I guess I will jump on the bandwagon and write a post about all the things I am thankful for this lovely holiday season.

1. My best friend's wisdom. She wrote me a journal for my birthday last year that I read frequently; it's almost though she's here with me when I read that. Anyway, I came across this paragraph today. She wrote it when I was going through major, major boy trouble. "Whatever else you may feel, don't ever feel regret for putting yourself first. You deserve the very best-so don't you dare settle, however hopeless and bleak the sea looks at the moment." And let me tell you, it looks pretty darn hopeless and bleak. But this woman is full of so much wisdom and love and intelligence. Plus, I swear she has ESP. Every time I read the journal I find something that helps for what I'm going through at the time.
2. My mom. I swear, and I'm not being biased, that I have the greatest mom in the world. She's always there to listen to me, to give me advice, to dry  my tears, and make me laugh.
3. On that note, I'm grateful for my brother. I don't see him enough or talk to him enough, but I still love him more than life.
4. The handmade quilt from my great-grandmother. It keeps me warm on these cold Flagstaff nights that will only get colder, and reminds me of her and her love. Every time I go to sleep, I picture her smiling down at all of us from heaven.  :)
5. Diet Coke. I know, I know. Every post related to things I am grateful for always includes Diet Coke. But if you rolled your eyes, you just don't know me that well. I am my mother's daughter, and I don't think there's anything better than a cold Diet Coke.
6. Pink lipstick. It's pretty fun every once in awhile.
7. And how could I forget nail polish?
8. Food! Every time I make dinner I think about how lucky I am to be making a nice meal. I never have to worry about having food, because even though money gets tight, we always have food in the apartment.
9. Music. Right now, it's U2, Aerosmith, The Beatles, and The Eagles. I don't know what I would do without music.
10. Books! Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Oscar Wilde, even J.K. Rowling. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting in bed, reading and escaping the world.
11. Medicine. Even though I hate taking my pills, and hate budgeting money, calling in the prescriptions, and buying them every month, I would be in a lot worse shape without them. And heaven knows that would not be good.


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